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Three days left.. Creating a sense of urgency seems to work.

19 Januari 2017 – Sometimes I feel more like an artist than an entrepreneur. I am an artist & social innovator in the area of people, work, physical space & technology or I am striving to be. I have an obsession for productivity & workflow. In my daily work I am a UX Designer and Visual Designer and this treats me well. A week ago I decided to halt these activities for 40 days, starting januari 23rd.

But am I an artist? I know I love to create and have a lot of ideas on innovation & workflow design. I lived on ibiza for a year, and after some mental wandering I found my new subject; co-creation. I have been writing a lot on the Island of pine trees, but kept most to myself. In the upcoming 40 days I want to push myself to bring and visualize my ideas, open up, put stuff online, be transparent and create a videos journal doing so. And most important of all Single Task, doing 1 task challenge at a time.

I want to put myself out there and see what happens. Innovation happens when ideas collide, right?

I realize that I can’t create my concepts on my own. The way I am going to show you is still up for grabs, perhaps if I go offline and sketch them, we’ll see. The format of my 40 days of challenges will develop itself along the way. I am willing and need to change my approach for creativity; I want to involve people and co-create. Perhaps even with you, reading this. Make concepts tangible, so you can envision it as well, ask for feedback and start interacting.

Let my concept(art) see fruition. I want to tell my stories and build the platform for people to share and connect, to have a place where ideas collide. This journal is my log in doing so.

Start with the end in mind (2019)
A platform for co-creation is my vision; I would like to call it Collective Disruptors. It is a platform where you can post your challenges and let people participate and a certain – problem  challenge. Both on-line and in physical spaces. Subject big or small.

“Could it be that the biggest problem with the internet and software today is that’s we haven’t yet, cracked real-time working together in teams?”

My hypothesis:

  • Software is way too individualistic*, making work and outcome sub-optimal by default?*
  • Everything around us is way to skill and individualistic centered. From skill building to learning.
  • We should stop conveyor belt thinking, and learn to iterate with validation.
  • Because we have to conduct all kinds of means(email, chat, phone, transfers) to inform each other of our often solo progress, adding a lot of noise*.
  • Perhaps because our current economical system requires it to be, because we are hired for a skill set, less for character?*
  • Or just because we stop thinking about how we do our daily work out of habit?**

“Innovation happens when you bring together a diversified group* of people in a physical or virtual space, wanting to work on the same challenge, letting ideas (hunches) collide. Agreeing to apply suspension of judgement during a session, and validate the outcome with the real world”

But how do you capture those ideas? How do show ideas to others? How can people remotely contribute? How do you validate those ideas. These are the questions I will try and answer, hopefully with your input in the upcoming 40 days.

See you in the next one. Hopefully in video.

If you are interested in this experiment you can signup the digital product designers community you can signup here.

* If you know a scientific book or source that validates this assumption, please let me know!
** Habits. Because we don’t think about it? Humans tend to stop thinking* about things they do or use or experience every day.

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