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What I wrote down during my creative run today, januari 24th?

UX Question
Can you identify a flow or a session which is specific for this project?

Design Insight for new applications
If you identify UI elements first in your digital eco-system and start with a UI Toolkit mindset, you can design iOS and Android in the same sprint.

Lifespan (App concept)
Do you feel that little bit of shame, when you forgot to bring your own bag to the shop. Lifespan is the ‘nest’ for you shopping habits. It tracks the product you buy, and tells you the lifespan when you throw it away. How? Let find out in a co-creation sessions and sign-up. No signup page yet? Ask me to create one on twitter.com/nielskijf

Think in dimensions
When creating new concepts it often helps to decide dimensions and stick to those.

Audio Concepts
I just love audio, I don’t know why? Noticed that the only thing professional sounding in my first YouTube video was the audio I recorded? It’s far from perfects, has skips, plops and hisses, but I know how that happened, so that will be fixed in the new one.
A good microphone and compressor is in place 🙂

How to use internet tools to your advantage
A lot of tools on the internet are (free). I will list my favorite tools shortly, if I didn’t yet throw me a tweet on twitter.com/nielskijf

Personal Design Principles
#1 – How can I make the things I write actionable?
#7 – Another one on a different page in my little notebook was: “Does it contain a social hack”?
Trust worthy, confident, Bold & Honest, true.

Desk Research
What is the amount of people doing business independent and freelance?

Make an eco-system of your ideas
This is a Lifestyle Design subject, and will tell you more about this in upcoming challenges. I often use Xmind to do so.

There are a lot of project approaches out there
What if you would apply a lean / muda mindset, how much money is wasted in each of there models?

Random / Curious
Why do chinese spit in the morning?

Send over a small present by physical post.

Create an UX Course using your WOLV format. I understand this is cryptic, will follow up shortly. I didn’t already throw me a tweet on twitter.com/nielskijf

Social Hack
The wink
No ego is so cool.
Proudness is a form of negative energy.

A Promise to myself within the 40 Challenge Days.
Earn back all the invest you did for the 40 Days of challenges.

Borrow instead of Buy
Lend stuff from people if this is possible!

The YouTube cheatsheet
Full of tips and resources for content creators.
Where can I find royalty free music? Old music?

Steal my ideas
There are so many ideas in my mind, just take a few.

Reach out to old friends
Visit a couple of old friends and share stories.

Concept around mess networking
Mess networks will be the new hip (Niels jan 2017)

Work outside of your home in a co-work place or cafe.
This keeps you sane 😉 There is a new collaboration space opening up nearby. (note to self)

A game

Perhaps it’s a nice idea to make a game for the 40 days of challenges.
<do><with>so you<goal>

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