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Creative Runs / Personal notes. February-March, 2017

What I wrote down during my creative runs LAST MONTH

Due writing I am far behind with the digitalisation of my Creative run notes, so here are they all combined.

Hi. I am Niels. I am doing 40 Days of Challenges. I hope this will set my compass for the rest of this year. Pursuing once passion is sometimes harder than one likes to admit. This are my notes during my journey in challenges. I am trying to find a relation between my concepts. The answer is probably between the lines.


  • Ask yourself this question before a decision: What am I doing this for?
  • Use the personal brand questionnaire on me
  • Use the freelance interview on myself
  • Start with people not with products
  • Build eco-systems and include partner/crowd sourced funding.
  • I am most interested in shared economy, circular design mindsets
  • Don’t talk about what you could do if you are able to create it.
  • At the moment the old economy is being transferred on the internet. This way of thinking slows down innovation. I want to create new economy systems. Focusing on Travel, Transformation & Education.
  • Need States fluctuate over dimensions ( Context, Situation, Location, time and emotion)
  • I want to become a though leader on holistic design, using:
    • First Principle & Design Principles
    • Branche of Problems, (Ecosystem Design)
      • metaphor: water in connected flasks
    • Goal: Amazing & Wow Experience (Stellar UX)
    • Service Design fuels an Experience and is included in the experience. It’s not a new thing.
  • Make animated schematics of workflows.
  • Start doing video interviews with people on the Digital Product Designers list.
    • Kick ass promo content/portfolio?
    • Do great mock shots (Both BW and DPD Style)
    • I want to create a lifestyle device & app that shields you from your mobile phone notification storm.
      • People First (Who would fit this project? Create a project page on DPD)
      • See Gravity UI
      • Stages
        • What’s happening (Work, Food, Emo, Goals)
        • Interests & Goal Achievement
        • People / Connect
        • Shifts & Focus
        • Progress Insights & Personal Analytics
    • OSME (Operating System Me)
      • The OS that forms around you as a glove.
      • A facilitation network of like-minded ambitious people
      • The Internet has been around for a while; we need to start and rethink the way we work
      • A Co-creation engine for teams
      • Networked Design
      • Build in work methods and design systems
      • Uses shield app to engage freelancers worldwide.
      • Physical & Online
  •  Formats
    • master UX Review (Including video formats, intro/bumpers etc.)
    • What If Passion video’s for DPD
    • Discussions (We are not using the internet to its full potential, we are still learning)
  • Ebooks:
    • 1st – Design Principles first
      • Part 1 (Understand, Examples, Create, Basic Design)
      • Part 2 (Apply, Use, Teach)
      • Upgrade – (Design: The Samurai sword for digital product designers)
      • Revision (Repeat)
    • 2nd – Lifestyle Design/Lifestyle Business – From active to passive income
      • TheFreelancersGuideToTheGalaxy.com
      • Community
        • Bring people together on a passion, purpose & personal value’s basis. (See Startup Ibiza schematic)
      • Who are you?
      • What do you do? (Transform your business to Digital)
      • Where are you now, where do you want to go? (Effort)
      • The break-down systems
    • 3nd – ebook is my Design System for Digital Product Designers
    • 4rd – Reason & Play (Digital transformation through Virtual startups, green field projects)
  • About me – I am a holistic system thinker, analytical and precise. I really dislike feature-based design, it short sighted and often does not include the total solution to a problem. I am social oil and like a laugh. Reason & Play is my mantra.
  • I want to setup a new Agency: Bezerk Agency (BZK)
    • Happy people, Happy Work
    • Timewarp Driven (Co-creation Engine)


  • The principle of a Viral Loop is very interesting to grow you business.
  • Short term writing, apply for the long term
  • People think most about love, health and money
  • Every project should start with principle definitions (See dimension poster, or ask me for it @nielskijf)
  • People I admire


  • Make the ultimate interview questions list
    • What am I doing this for?
    • What would you tell your younger self?
    • What would you ask your 10 years older self?
  • Ask what is / What does it mean / Why do we need it (We are so sumptuous as a species, we judge a person in the first 2 second we see them)
  • For this project, I can collaborate with…
    • Tiny Tales
    • Tiny Goals
    • Tiny Projects


  • Inventory App (Insurance, RMA, Sell (loose brain weight)

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  1. Wim Kojf March 14, 2017

    Na veel denkwerk en ervaring opgedaan te hebben,
    heb je een werkwijze ontwikkeld, die in een Nieuwe Wereld vraagt om samenwerking i.p.v. op eilandjes bezig te zijn.
    Co-creëren vraagt om een nieuwe manier van denken door op een creatieve manier volgens nieuwe digitale principes te gaan werken.
    Jij neemt in je E-book de lezers ” bij de hand ” om ze deelgenoot te maken van een visie, die helderheid verschaft en inzicht geeft in een nieuwe, revolutionaire leefstijl,die gefocust is op Travel, Transformation en Éducation.

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