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Creative Run / Personal notes. February 4th, 2017

What I wrote down during my creative run today.

Hi. I am Niels. I am doing 40 Days of Challenges. I hope this will set my compass for the rest of this year. Pursuing once passion is sometimes harder than one likes to admit. This are my notes during my journey in challenges. I am trying to find a relation between my concepts. The answer is probably between the lines.


  • There should be no separation between work & passion.
  • Doing what you love with others releases an additive kind of energy.
  • Doing meaningful work triggers pride without ego.
  • You can find your passion through projects, design and some simple tricks. (Buy a scrapbook, write your thoughts every day -15min before you go to sleep- the answer will be in there.)
  • You have to be determined in your self-development, nobody else will.
  • My creative runs, let my creativity flow


  • I want to be a community builder
  • Create Think Tanks
  • I want to transform my business, from active to multiple passive income streams.
  • Iterative Innovation sucks.
  • I believe online technologies can help us make our offline lives better.
  • I don’t believe in production methods for digital products which have some sort of serial conveyor belt thinking in them.
  • You get energy of activities you love, vice versa, doing things you don’t like – or have to do – drain you of energy.
  • If I am on the wrong track I notice much quicker than years ago.
  • Paying with skills sharing can be an interesting line of thought.
  • Startups are strange beasts (article)
  • In ’98 I learned about the ethics involved in digital media design, today it’s time to start apply-ing them.


  • What the relation between your conscious and sub-conscious mind?
  • Question for DigitalProductDesigners.co: What would a true social network look like? What would be the design principles of this network?
  • Who would like to do a one week sprint with the theme: “Design an online co-creation system based on challenges”? Contact me on @nielskijf

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