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Day 5 – The Why behind 40 Days of Challenges

About me
I am Niels Kijf, a Dutch Digital Product Designer from Amsterdam. I love doing UX Design, UI Design and Service Design. Thinking empathically about the user experience is what I do best.

Where do I come from
Last year I designed 2 platforms for AkzoNobel (2016) with a team of great people.
In 2015 I was on sabbatical, investigating co-creation.
Earlier, in 2014, I revamped kieskeurig.nl.
One of the biggest comparison websites in the Netherlands.

Where I am now
The upcoming 40 days I am validating my concepts and learn which once get traction. The best way to validate something is to sell it to people.

I feel excited in creating a community of Freelance Digital Media Designers.I truly believe the times for solo-preneurship are over.
We should start building freelance teams based on passion & purpose, hired by organisation, brands & governments.

It’s time to start combine & prosper and create value together through co-creation. Boosting talent, passion & purpose into a new era. Not based on individualism, but as a group, a team.

So it’s my intention to create e-books, design methods around co-creation, and bring topics on collectiveness and investigate together.

Subjects I am genuinely interested in

• A community of Digital Product Designers – Where we combine knowledge and prosper as a team.

• The Future of work – Time to connect all talent, not just local talent.

• Lifestyle Design – Investigating passion, purpose & curiosity

• Bigger themes like Collective Disruption.

The Future of Work
I slowly want to transform my current work into an online UX, Design & Training business.

I want to sell e-books online, set goals, show progress & insights on YouTube, using my WOLV (Work out loud video format)

Slowly transforming my active income into a multiple passive income streams.

I want to meet new people and learn from the spaces outside of my comfort zone.

Giving physical workshops, talks and courses about User Experience, The power of Communities & New technologies. Co-creating methods for team co-creation, invent new work technologies is my goal, this includes the workspace, interior and software.

But the first validation is to start connecting talented people on DigitalProductDesigners.co

This 40 Days of challenges is my way investigating where my compass is pointing for 2017. And to feel if there are some like minded people out there.

It’s scary and exciting at the same time.
Interested: Join the Lifestyle Design Group – Slack Channel

Thanks for Reading, see you in the next one!

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