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Challenge 5 – The E-book Challenge (Week 2)

Creating my first e-book (WEEK 2)

13-17 februari 2017

This week started cool. Had a meeting at Startup B. on monday, tuesday met an old client,  and another meeting for a future project on Tuesday. I still want to do DigitalProductDesigners.co and the ebook in the same week. Need to quit that, but I <3 both equally.

But I am committed to have a version 1 of my ebook februari 22nd. I really want to get a first iteration ready, so I can start to involve people, and start on my UX review, which is already in demand!

Day 20 | Thursdays | 6 hours of e-book writting

  • IT_1 How to visualize your Eco-system (In progress)
  • IT_1 How to create design principles for your eco-system (In progress)
  • IT_1 Pre-text
  • IT_1 Intro Text
  • IT_1 Cover

Day 19 | Thursdays | Did a lot of visualisations & Did half of IT_1 ebook content.

  • IT_1 of the Design Principles for the Design Principles Ebook. (In progress)
  • IT_1 Why this ebook from my perspective and your perspective (Done)
  • IT_1 Reasons why you should use design principles. (In progress)



  1. What would be the succes rate of projects if we define them together and let people signup for them? Finding like-minded people and skill-sets, to make (micro) projects a reality.
  2. What is we setup co-creation dream-teams and go to brands, instead of brand diverging talent into organisations. What is a dream-team? Push instead of pull. #innovation bottom-up.
  3. What if we start using the internet for real-time creation instead of talking about work and sending over files. What would this mean for our software?
  4. The team formula is old fashioned. We bring in talent to one location and start on a pre-defined project. What if we could bring in talent from all over the world, and start co-creating.
  5. Qualitative Research & Conveyor belt thinking. Qualitative research for digital product design is important, but the interpretation of written reports often adds a lot of static-noise. The reports scratch the surface, and state more research is needed. I believe qualitative research reports is great for thought direction, but experiential learning (learn by doing) and co-creating is a better approach in my opinion, to get to the nitty gritty details, which make all the difference if you aim for succes.
  6. What is it? Why is it different from that we know? How can we use it? Do we already use it? Why it is so hard to get up and running? Etc.
  7. You are your projects! What does that mean?

Day 18 | Wednesday | E-book Focus

Pulling myself back on track. I want to have a first iteration of the Design Principles Ebook on Monday.

  • Deadline februari 22nd. 29th?


  • Can’t wait to get the first iteration out, so I can start and do small upgrades, instead of getting a big lump out in one piece.
  • Rather do smaller challenges, so the UX review which is next, this one will be a lot quicker, it’s know territory.
  • When the first version of the UX review is done, this opens the door to the Youtube WOLV format. Bringing concise and quality content to youtube, and a weekly challenge update.


  • Sorting some notes from Monday & Tuesday


  • IT_1 of the Design Principles for the Design Principles Ebook.
  • IT_1 Why this ebook from my perspective and your perspective
  • IT_1 Reasons why you should use design principles.
  • IT_1 How to visualize your Eco-system
  • IT_1 How to create your team* design principles

Outcome / Created

  • I will put in 7 hours today, and see what this brings me.

Day 17 | Tuesday | Future Project, UX Review request

Had a 2 hours meeting with a potential client / partner.

  • Interesting projects. It could be really nice, if I could combine my search for the perfect Digital Product Design System with real life projects. To be continued..


  • I am an idealist
  • In my work I try to find the best way of collaboration
  • In financial stability I believe that money will follow if you use your passion.


  • Made lots of notes during my run, most are about the future project, so can’t share them yet.


  • No fixed goal today.

Outcome / Created

  • Nothing..

Day 16 | Monday | Organising my studio, Startup B.

I had a nice lunch with Jurian Nijssen today.

  • He needed some validation for a finance app they are working on. I am more structured with my finance that I thought I was. haha.
  • Started to organize the stuff in my Studio, clean and organized studio, clean mind. Makes Sense no?


  • You are your projects! Sounds simple enough, but if you contemplate about it a little bit, it has more truth to in than you perhaps like to admit. Hunt those projects, or start your own, you define them, they define you.


  • Did some cool sketches for the Ebook. Create a stakeholder worksheet.


  • No fixed goal today.

Outcome / Created

  • Created my Eco-system in finding the relation between my concepts. It’s coming together 🙂

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