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The concept of a community for digital product designers.co is in an early stage, and I am validating if people are willing to re-think the way we work, life and learn with (social) innovation as a result.

My first goal is to gather 100 people to starting in collaborating micro-projects and asking our community for feedback.

20 at the moment, but removing the freelancer requirement hopefully removes¬†some obstacles for people ūüôā

The first step Setting up a slack channel to enable thought and skill-sharing.

The second step Create the Digital Product Designers website and index practices and curate quality tools. See the homepage as an image, working on my design principles e-book at the moment, so can only do one thing at a time.

I see my role as facilitator, indexing what’s the thing you always wanted to create. Find people with skills and interest in your idea and building the platform to facilitate this. I have a passion for connecting people, am madly creative and love design, collaboration, and co-creation.

” I truly believe that if we can grasp a couple of percent of our creative mind power with a mixture of the things we care about, magic can happen”.

A community where we index our intrinsic skill-set: “What are you really good at?”, Where do you want to go, what would you like to achieve?

You are your projects (think about that one for a second), so wouldn’t the next logical step be collaborative design by using a community of Digital Product Designers. Why not work within a community of crafty people? And not all has to be online, we use online in creating projects.

Get to know each other in an online and offline environment. A place where we can ask questions, share and create ideas, give feedback and enable a new way of working which is transcending the boundaries of companies and groups of friends.

  • A social network in collaboration; where we use a digital toolbox to communicate and create.
  • Work, Social & Lifestyle design.
  • Goal achievement by skill-sharing.
  • A networked company?

With one overarching goal: investigate real-time co-creation tools for community teams.


I started a real-time multi-source video studio (co-creation studio) at home as the first step in researching this.

Combined with platforms like:

This all of sudden becomes really interesting. Like the first steps to a virtual team war room which can exist in a physical and virtual space. Valuing real of virtual, except for long distance talent.

I truly believe that the software of today has separated us from each other. In a space where you are only a couple of meters away from each other.

Technology is dictating us, it should support us in our collaborative creation. At the moment the Internet is mainly used for work research (analogy), communication about work, and (knowledge/data) sharing.

What if.. we could create a system which enables us to create together, offline and online. Starting with the first step, just to get to know each other and telling each other what we would like to achieve in life.

A social network with a real-life component as a first design principle.

I know everybody on the list, so I will be the connector.

I am preparing a small questionnaire 10-12 questions, and perhaps if we reach 33, we could do some crossover investigation – interviewing each other – investigating what we would like to create and or learn.

What is the real power when we combine our skills and thoughts through small micro-projects?

I also thinking in the direction of Skill sharing in Hackathon with friends (on bounty islands), Design Sprints, Co-creation events, Shared project ownership (shared intellectual ownership) etc.

I already have 20 people signed up, are you the next one?

And time should not be an issue. This can be done as a hobby in a couple of hours or in more structured in design sprints or events. That’s something for us to find out. What are the themes, what are the formats?

What would you like to achieve if you have access to other skillsets and a network of friendly ambitious people?

The premise in one paragraph:

“What happens if we transcend the boundaries of companies. Come together in an on- and offline community; researching how we can collaborate on ideas we are having by skill-sharing”.

What ideas do you have floating around in your mind for ages? What are the skill sets you miss to pull your idea into reality? I hope by setting up the digital product* designers community we can overcome this obstacle.

Because this concept it’s based on friendship and lifestyle design the price is learning from each other and finally creating what you perhaps always wanted,¬†leaving money aside.


PS: I removed the freelancer requirement.

* Your life is a ‘ product’ ¬†too.
** Physical & Mental

Read more about Philanthropy on Wikipedia

This is iteration 2 of this article. As this concept is floating around in my mind for ages. And I will try and clarify it a bit every iteration and feedback I get from you guys in real life. I will probably will setup the Slack channel when I hit 33 amazing people.

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